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Anonymous asked:
youre planning on getting married? isnt that dumb at your age

I’m about to be twenty-one. She and I are having a child together. I don’t plan on getting married to her anytime soon, but don’t be a lil bitch


I finally flew after 5 months apart to brazil to see my love. Its crazy to stay at her parents place in são paulo. Her family is half brazilian half japanese, so I get food from both cultures :D. I love to explore the city with her and i learn everyday new things. Its good to be here even if i depart in 3 weeks again :( . Even so i enjoy every minute i stay here with her. Lovely greetings from brazil :)

Brazilian and Japanese food sounds delicious. I hope you two enjoy each other’s company as much as possible while you can. The mask in your submission made me smile because Ninja has some masks like these and I’ve played dress up in them before, though never before undressed. It looks very cute on you. -Trouble


my everything

Yasmean Monique